September Program Wrapup: Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Oct 06, 2015
Our September 29 breakfast program, "Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Health Miracles and Economic Nightmares," at the Hartford Marriott Downtown took a closer look at the many ethical and financial considerations of pricing specialty pharmaceuticals. Our keynote speaker was James E. Sabin, MD, Director of the Ethics Program at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Clinical Professor in the Departments of Population Medicine and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Panelists included Sharon A. Brigner, MS, RN, Deputy Vice President in State Government Affairs, PhRMA; Mickey Herbert, MBA, Principal, Michael E. Herbert Consulting, LLC; Kevin Lembo, MPA, Comptroller, State of Connecticut; and Dr. Sabin. The panel discussion was moderated by Kim D. Slocum, MBA, President, KDS Consulting. Special thanks to our event sponsor, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

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Listen to a podcast with Dr. Sabin and Kim Slocum.

View Dr. Sabin's PowerPoint presentation from the program.

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 - View a video of the September 29 program below.