‘DID YOU KNOW?’ Connecticut Health Sector Employment Facts

Feb 17, 2016
CT Health Council LogoHartford, Conn. (February 16, 2016) –  Connecticut’s healthcare industry provides employment for 266,400 people, including 93,700 people based in the Hartford Region, according to figures released last fall by the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL).  

From 2007 to 2014, CT DOL reports, Healthcare and Social Services was the fourth fastest growing employment category in the state, expanding by 12.5 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2014, the health sector overall was the third largest employment category in Connecticut.

These and other facts on Connecticut’s strong health sector are available through the  Connecticut Health Council’s “Did You Know” campaign, which is designed to raise awareness of the importance of the health sector as an economic and employment driver in the State.   

The campaign officially began last month with the installation of a series of posters at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to share key industry facts with state legislators and staff. It also includes print, broadcast and digital marketing, social media alerts and thought leadership content to be published throughout 2016.

The “Did You Know” posters will appear at various health sector events throughout the year.

To learn more about the “Did You Know” campaign or to download printable versions of the posters and other content, please click here. For real-time campaign updates, follow the Connecticut Health Council on Facebook and Twitter.


There are 20,434 registered healthcare employers in the state of Connecticut. 
Source: Connecticut Department of Labor

Of Connecticut's Top 25 Employers, 13 are in healthcare related industries - and seven are located in Hartford, making the Capital City a healthcare hub.
Source: Connecticut Department of Labor

Connecticut hospitals alone provide jobs to 55,000 full-time employees - and more than 110,000 jobs with a total payroll of $11.5 billion can be traced either directly or indirectly to our State's hospitals.
Source: Connecticut Hospitals 2015 Economic Impact Report

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CT healthcare industry growth CT healthcare and social services
The Connecticut Health Council’s “Did You Know” campaign raises awareness of the importance of the health sector as an economic and employment driver in the State.

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