Wheeler Provides Autism Spectrum Evaluation Services - Available for Medicaid-enrolled Families

Mar 01, 2016

Wheeler now provides autism spectrum services as part of its Child and Adolescent Center of Excellence. Evaluation services for youth ages 3 and up are available for families enrolled in Medicaid.

“Wheeler has extensive experience working with people with autism spectrum challenges,” said Susan Walkama, LCSW, president and chief executive officer.  “We know that families with Medicaid often have difficulty accessing evaluation services. They may not know where to turn. Our services provide an accessible and effective option.”

Autism evaluations are offered at Wheeler’s location at 91 Northwest Drive in Plainville, and involve a multidisciplinary team approach that assesses the child’s behavior.  The team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, speech and occupational therapists, medical professionals and others based on the particular family’s needs. Parents typically must have an autism-specific evaluation conducted and a confirmed diagnosis of autism before they can begin treatment services paid for by Medicaid.

Wheeler has served children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders across the continuum of care for decades. The new evaluation service builds on expertise and experience developed through Wheeler’s Diagnostic Assessment and Referral Team (DART), Birth to Three, education services and many other programs provided by Wheeler.

For more information about Wheeler’s autism spectrum evaluation services, please visit wheelerclinic.org/autism or call 860.793.3743.

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