White Paper: Nine Steps to Adopting the Patient Centered Value System

Apr 18, 2016
CJRI logoHartford, Conn. (April 7, 2016) - At the most recent Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Annual Forum, Don Berwick, former head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and board member with IHI, laid out nine steps for moving into what he deemed “the moral era.”  

The Patient and Family Centered Care Innovation Center invites you to download its most recent white paper on this topic, "Address Don Berwick’s 9 Steps to Begin the 'Moral Era in Healthcare: Adopt the Patient Centered Value System." 

Those with a JAMA account can also access Dr. Berwick's newly published JAMA article, "Era 3 for Medicine and Health Care," here.

This information is provided courtesy of Connecticut Joint Replacement Center at Saint Francis (CJRI), a Connecticut Health Council Founding Partner and part of the Patient and Family Centered Care movement.