Wheeler Appoints Alkesh N. Patel, MD, FASAM, Medical Director of Addiction Services

Sep 15, 2016

Wheeler has named Alkesh N. Patel, MD, FASAM, medical director of addiction services.


“This appointment, a new position for the agency, reflects our continued commitment to deliver effective, accessible care to individuals and families affected by addiction, and to meet the emergent needs of the communities we serve,” said Susan Walkama, LCSW, president and chief executive officer, Wheeler. “Dr. Patel’s background, clinical experience and leadership skills make him an excellent choice for this position.”


Wheeler offers an extensive continuum of substance abuse treatment and intervention services, including medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction. The organization’s comprehensive array of addiction services offer a flexible combination of in-home, outpatient and family intervention programs that serve the needs of thousands of individuals annually. 


Prior to joining Wheeler, Dr. Patel held a number of key clinical and administrative leadership positions in the field of addiction medicine.  He is a fellowship-trained, academic addiction psychiatrist who completed the addiction psychiatry training program at the Icahn School of Medicine, the primary affiliated medical school for the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.  Recruited by Mount Sinai Hospital following graduation, Dr. Patel served as director of Mental Health Services for the Comprehensive Health Program serving individuals living with HIV/AIDS. His clinical work focused on providing psychiatric and addiction expertise for the medically ill. He also served as associate director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program and was responsible for the administrative oversight of this program. Dr. Patel has worked in both private and public sectors, supports evidence-based initiatives in tackling the growing opioid epidemic, and has taken a front-line approach in developing integrated programs aimed at promoting awareness, provider education, and clinical competency in addressing addiction in patients with chronic pain and reducing the inappropriate use of prescription opioids.


He is a member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and board certified in General Psychiatry, as well as both Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.  He holds a faculty appointment as assistant professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.


About Wheeler’s Center of Excellence for Addiction


Wheeler provides a comprehensive array of addiction and behavioral health care for children, adolescents, adults and older adults, including prevention, outpatient recovery, care facilitation and intensive in-home programs. Medication-assisted treatment and other services are part of Wheeler’s Center of Excellence in Addiction, which draws on the core principles from the standards established by the National Council on Behavioral Health to promote excellence in behavioral health care and treatment, including:


  • cutting-edge clinical innovation through evidence-based practices;
  • world-class customer care;
  • easy access to services;
  • culturally, gender-, and age-responsive care;
  • excellent outcomes; and
  • high customer satisfaction.



Wheeler provides comprehensive solutions that address complex health issues, providing individuals, families and communities with accessible, innovative care that encourages recovery, health and growth at all stages of life.  Our integrated approach to primary and behavioral health, education and recovery creates measurable results, positive outcomes and hopeful tomorrows for more than 30,000 individuals across Connecticut each year. Learn more: www.wheelerclinic.org.