Gilead Community Services Third Annual Run for Every 1 Road Race Sunday, April 8, 11:30 AM, Downtown Middletown

Mar 22, 2018

On April 8, a group of 500 individuals will represent Team Gilead at the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Middletown Legends 3.5 mile race. Team Gilead will run and walk to show support for the “1 in 5 adults living in America with a mental health condition.”

“I lost 16 lbs getting ready for this race and I feel like I could walk a million miles when I am supported by team Gilead.” says Rob.  “Training for this race comes at a perfect time because I haven’t worked out in a long time,” reports Megan, another Team Gilead participant. Jim is thrilled to walk for the third time with Team Gilead because “walking is good for me and helps to relieve depression, anxiety and stress.”

Living with a mental health condition has led Megan, Jim and Rob to Gilead in search of services.  On April 8th they will walk for many reasons; to raise awareness about mental health and the need for quality services throughout Middlesex County, to support a wellness initiative for those who are living with a mental health condition, to raise money for quality mental health services and to be part of a team that includes all members of the community, not just those living with a mental health condition.

Be inspired by these individuals who have shown their courage, determination and commitment by signing up to walk in the Run for Every 1 Road Race on April 8th.

They are meeting the challenge.  They get up early to train, some walking, some running.  They confront the fear of not reaching the finish line.  They refuse to let their physical challenges stop them from reaching a personal goal.  They want the community to join them as part of Team Gilead on April 8.

Team Gilead is fortunate to have the support of many local business, community members and foundations including The Peach Pit Foundation, AR Mazzotta, CBP, Coughlin Services Corp, Genoa Healthcare, and Middlesex Hospital. First Church of Christ in downtown Middletown hosts Team Gilead on race day, providing a place to gather, rest, rejuvenate, eat, and celebrate the strength and beauty of community support.

Additional Details: Any public school student who registers using Gilead’s promo code to walk with Team Gilead will have their race registration fee reimbursed by Gilead when they show up at First Church on race day.

Gilead Community Services, Inc. has been providing housing, support services and clinical treatment to individuals with mental illness throughout Middlesex County since 1968. For information about the road race or Gilead, please call 860-343-5300 or visit us at our website at