Lockton Companies Healthcare Innovation Group Seminar

Apr 17, 2018

Lockton Companies will be conducting the next Healthcare Innovations Group (HIG) roundtable on April 26th from 8:30-10:00 am in Farmington, CT (76 Batterson Park Road). Breakfast will be provided.

HIG's mission is to collaboratively identify and discuss strategies that enhance delivery of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.  Our April roundtable will address the following topics:  

  1. Referenced Based Pricing (or Value Based Payments): A fast growing alternative to the PPO network model that self funded employers have historically utilized for both access and cost of medical care.  In this conversation, we’ll discuss a payment reimbursement model that is gaining in popularity amongst self funded employers due to their costs savings to both the employer and the employee.  Learn how employers are saving 20%+ on their healthcare spend by shifting to a reimbursement model that will provide both greater access to care and a more transparent, logical payment model.


  2. Virtual Care Delivery: Increasingly, employees are dealing with a broad array of healthcare needs that can be addressed through virtual care delivery solutions. From everyday issues to the most complex and costly conditions, virtual care, combined with data and analytics, offers an entirely new way to improve outcomes and contain costs—with a convenient experience for employees. 

    1. Teladoc's CJ Mark, Vice President, Employer Market, will discuss how virtual care delivery solutions allow employers to:
      1. Balance the need to offer valuable healthcare tools while keeping cost trends down through expert second opinion, general medical and behavioral health services
      2. Take advantage of innovative digital technology to provide convenient access to quality, patient-centered care and personalized employee engagement strategies


HIG attendees and subject matter experts include for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare executives, innovative healthcare vendors, altruistic community leaders, and individuals responsible for decision making, procurement and delivery of their organization's employee benefits programs across all industry verticals. I am inviting you in hope that you will not only attend but contribute to our discussion.

RSVP by Tuesday, April 24th at noon. Feel free to direct questions directly to Mike Garner (mgarner@lockton.com  or 860-678-4002)