ABCT CE Hiring for Bioscience Startups

May 20, 2019

The ABCT CE program is launching its second event hosted by Health Haven Hub. ABCT CE events provide an opportunity to hear experts share experience on startup challenges and meet informally with ABCT alums, community partners, and entrepreneurs to learn and network. The June 19th event will focus on Hiring for Biosciences Startups. 

Topics of discussion:


- Stock options and cap table impact

- Vesting schedules

- Deferred compensation aka taking out of the 'raise'

- Stock grants for consultants

- Finders fees for fundraising

- SAB compensation
- Immigration Including:

       - Employment based immigration strategy

       - Dual representation of employees and employers

       - transition thru visa statuses

       - termination of employees

       - tax concerns

       - I-9 compliance

       - non immigrant temporary visas

       - permanent resident status thru labor certifications and outstanding researchers and people of extraordinary abilities, family based petitions 

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