While the Yale New Haven Health System does not normally accept donations of supplies and equipment, the COVID-19 outbreak has restricted the quantities of protective equipment that caregivers use to deliver care to patients.

Under these circumstances,donations that meet quality and safety standards are being accepted.

Yale New Haven Health is in need of the following resources:

  •     Disposable Head Covers/Caps
  •     Disposable Gowns
  •     Disposable Gloves
  •     N95 Respirator Face Masks
  •     Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
  •     Disposable Face Masks
  •     Face-shields/Goggles
  •     Coveralls/Scrubs
  •     Shoe-covers
  •     Disinfection Wipes & Liquids
  •     General Purpose Hand Cleansers

All items should be in original unopened packaging.

Donors should submit donation offers to the Yale New Haven Health System at DonationsPPE@ynhh.org along with complete contact information. All submissions will be answered within three business days.